Wednesday, the 18th of January

Priorities: Today I have a clearer sense of clarity. Monday and Tuesday I was lost in a state of being overwhelmed by too many tasks items without priorities assigned to them. Today, I’ve learned through talking to different people and watching a couple of YouTube videos how to priorities these items. I had to do with putting a value to these tasks that will equate to what I want as a long term goal. That helped alot in figuring out what tasks to tackle first and what tasks I can give up to others to do. Right now I’m tackling must do items. After that, I am tackling creative items such as – brainstorming on content ideas and logo creation. Before prioritizing, I would have let these be the last. But because I want to develop as a content writer and designer, I am prioritizing these items. After that are just tasks that needs to be done as well such as header image creation, new/beta offer writing (which is mundane), watching demo’s for creative (which will be a treat after the prior two tasks. If time permits, I will help write content for the content bank. Prior to prioritizing, I was overwhelmed with wanting to help knock off campaigns for the content bank. But now, not so much. I also meditated this morning! After work today, I must re-set up Alex’s site with WordPress. It’s been a doozy getting his current domain wiped clean. I was on the phone with Go-daddy for a collective 2 hours probably. Waited the 24 hours for things to reset but it didn’t. Now, it’s clean and wordpress is installed. I have tonight to re set up. I really want to meet Alex’s desire to have it go live tomorrow but we will see. I am only able to do what I can, I can’t control issues and learning obstacles. I am doing this as a big help also. So, I don’t feel too bad.


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