How I Look

Facebook is such a humbling experience to be had – especially when you’re feeling mighty fine. I hate the way I look in pictures, to be frank. I don’t think I look good, at least on the recent pictures.

When I see these ‘bad pictures’ I begin to understand why those I am very attracted to doesn’t return the same feelings. Which is dumb. If in the moment, I feel hot and I get that reaction that I want, I still don’t think I’m enough because of my personality. Now that I don’t think I look hot, I think… I’m not enough because of the way I look.

It’s such a human problem to have. Who cares about the way I look and the way I am… No one else cares, I don’t care about the next guy I don’t pay attention to. t doesn’t make him any less of a human being.

I don’t want to be that person that is so connected to the way she looks, I wouldn’t want that in a partner either. A person’s spirit and soul has a lot more weight than the way they look. I’ve felt this before, myself more strongly attracted to a person’s soul than their looks.

It’s not how or the way that you look…. it’s how or the way that you think that makes you beautiful… it’s not how the other person thinks of you, it’s how you think of yourself.


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