Vitamins Are Vital


My god how have I gone so long without taking vitamins at all? Yesterday I was motivated to purchase vitamins through research about how it can help with depression. I went to Hyvee and purchased:

  • D3 – Absorbs calcium and promotes bone growth. increases levels of dopamine & seratonin
  • B12 – low levels are linked to depression
  • Chomium Picolte – improve mood, appetite, and glucose regulation
  • Fish Oil with Omega-3 – can improve symptoms of depression
  • and Niacin – can improve symptoms of depression

I didn’t take Fluoxetine, only the vitamins.My depressed symptoms were alleviated at least 70% within the first few hours. I am now obsessed and I truly think this might be the answer that I’ve been dying for (almost literally).

I do want to purchase other B vitamins & Magnesium. I now worry I’ll be a pill popper. But at least they’re vitamins and they make me feel better naturally. Maybe I’ve been feeling so down because my body needed more nutrients than I gave it. Depression, I hear, isn’t a personality disease. It’s a mishap of the chemicals in the brain (reasons vary), what can help are vitamins to encourage neurotransmitters in the regions that are most productive for a depressed free life. Although I don’t feel this way 100% of the time yesterday and today, I have glimmers of “my god, I can have a life I’ve always wanted” feeling. Like, I’m not super sad anymore. I am bored out of my mind without someone to love on, and something to work towards — but I think that will come easier now that I am not in the depths of depression.

I’m so glad I’ve taken this step.


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