Where do thoughts come from? Where do feelings come from? The good, the bad, and the ego? Thoughts affect the ego. I think, I’m falling behind compared to others.. but where is the thought where I actually compare myself to others come from? Is it fear? Fear that I’m not as good as others? But then where does that fearful thought come from. My life has been made up of thoughts, upon thoughts, upon thoughts. What I’ve been working towards lately is moving away from this.. to not be swept away by ‘good’ feelings and not be depressed by bad feelings.

Anyways.. I needed that reminder today. I feel as if my mind is playing dominos on me, thinking thoughts that don’t serve me. My insecurities getting in the way of me feeling good and worthwhile – which is silly because insecurities derive from faulty thoughts.. and faulty thoughts are thoughts… and thoughts are not facts…

I think I’m just sleepy, I haven’t slept too much over the weekend. Tonight is straight to bed after BJJ though.



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