Ted Talk (Happiness) & Nutrition


Ted Talk:

Our mind is like a balloon blowing in the wind. Our happiness is affected by external things. If things don’t go our way, then our happiness disappears.

As long as our reasons for why we have a good day are lists of external conditions then we’re not going to have the stable happiness that we all want. Because if that’s what our happiness depends on, because we can’t control people and circumstances (and our thoughts) every single day, then our happiness will be in the hands of others and our thoughts.

  1. Stop outsourcing our happiness and unhappiness on to people and circumstances. Stop attributing our happiness to what’s going on external. No more blaming others for our unhappiness.
  2. Cultivate a source of peace and a source of happiness coming from within our own minds (and hearts). Commit to memory: “Happiness and unhappiness are states of mind & therefore their real causes can not be found outside the mind. So if we have a peaceful state of mind we’ll be happy regardless of people and circumstances.

It’s not what’s happening that’s making us happy or unhappy. It’s how we respond that determines our state of mind.


A mental action of concentrating on a peaceful and positive state of mind. Informal meditation


I ate terribly on Saturday night – I had Chinese Buffet AND Jack in the Box (a burger meal [burger, fries, and two tacos], a french toast meal [3 french toast and 4 bacon pieces], and I had a chocolate fudge brownie). Ever since that day, I’ve been feeling not the greatest… Although, I ate that much because of habitual social triggers. I wonder, had I not used that as an excuse, would I be better off today? I’m going to test that.. the next time these triggers get pulled (social interactions), I’m not going to act on them and see if I maintain my levels of ‘feeling good’ the days after.



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