Mindfulness Pursuit


Last night I ate far more than I needed to, but not enough to call it a full blown binge. I ate way past the hour I was planning on eating, and I ate while watching a Korean drama. I think my next efforts are going to be placed in mindfulness throughout the entire day. My issue is I get bored and start to wonder elsewhere for entertainment. So instead of focusing on work, exercise, or eating, I’ll watching T.V. or check my phone while doing the main action. In doing so, I am being mindless. Mindlessness causes increase in eating. Thinking more and moving less also increases cravings.

So…starting today, here are my goals:

  1. Check in for mindfulness throughout the day
  2. Be grounded during every meal – no korean drama, no cell phone
  3. Not eating after 7:30 pm. If I missed that time, I will have a snack and not a full blown meal

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