Gratitude & Other Items


What went well yesterday:

  • I got to see Leighann and her friends + Tyler for lunch at an Indian buffet across from Zona Rosa. I had some good laughs with everyone. The food was great. I didn’t over eat too much
  • I got to see Erin over dinner and caught up with her
  • I worked out twice yesterday, did 6 miles over all, and a swim with some strength training
  • I didn’t eat past 8pm, which is great as a first day towards my goal of not eating after 7:30pm
  • I learned that I can, in fact, go to bed with hunger cues and survive

What I want to accomplish today:

  • I want to go to bed with a question for my subconscious, something i heard Abel talk about on Fat-Burning Man podcast
  • I want to continue mindfulness throughout the day and consistent check ins
  • I want to continue to deter multi-tasking when I get bored and be present in the task at hand
  • I want to look into the paleo lifestyle and other items related to nutrition

Other Items:

I went to the gym early this morning and did a 30 minute cardio session with a little bit of strength and stretches afterwards. I intend to go to jiu jitsu tonight, I feel it’s been too long since I’ve practiced as I skipped Monday’s class. The reason I skipped was because I wasn’t feeling well. I was in a funk, which I think came from binge watching Strong Woman Do Bong Soon. Doing so stole from my sleep and kicked me out of my good habits. From that was where my motivation to shut off the show before midnight came from. I must go to bed earlier since I’ve been working out in the morning.

The reason I work out twice a day recently is because I’ve been feeling very bloated. Also, because I heard a valuable quote during a podcast the other day which spoke along the lines of – a mind that thinks more than it moves tend to crave more food. I don’t feel bad about working out twice a day because I’ve been enjoying what I do. I really enjoy the swim and the running where I don’t listen to anything other than cues from my body.



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