Binging and Sleep – Big Revelation!


What went well yesterday:

  • Jiu Jitsu class was awesome. I got a great workout in. I’m becoming better and better at assuming whomever I roll with as just a body instead of a man’s body. It makes for a much more intense and fun roll.
  • I didn’t eat past 7:30pm
  • I meditated twice
  • I went to bed at 10:30pm
  • Got a bonus from work
  • Had a great workout in the morning

What to improve on today:

  • Be more mindful when eating, especially when eating snacks
  • Check in more regularly in a way of mindfulness throughout the day
  • Put more effort into meditating to sleep
  • I will be more mindful of accepting carbs later in the day to induce sleep
  • Go to bed with a question for my subconscience. I forgot to do that yesterday

Sleeplessness & Binging: 

I think I discovered a breakthrough during my walk this morning. I don’t sleep very well these days. Ever since I started watching Korean dramas into the night, ever since I stopped eating late at night, and ever since I started working out twice a day, I’ve only been able to sleep for 5-6 hours a night. For example, I went to bed at 10:30pm last night, but woke at 3am.

I realized that binging was my bodies way of getting what it needed to put me to sleep. A quick search for foods that induce sleep exposed the foods I typically starts my binges at night: cereal with milk, peanut butter on toast, or cheese and crackers!

In searching the web, it looks like eating low carb may be the reason I’m finding it hard to fall asleep. That is why I’m going to be more mindful of eating more carbs later in the day to hopefully help me get to sleep.

Plan for today:

I’m working until 4 or 4:30pm, then I will go to the gym for a relaxing swim. I will sauna afterwards, shower, then hopefully have dinner with Erin. I don’t have plans tonight so I may sleep earlier… we’ll see. I have more episodes to watch of my Korean dramas.




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