Dear Journal


What Went Well Yesterday:

  • Met up with Grandbig and had indian with roommates + Z-shan & his sister
  • Didn’t go into a full fledge binge after having indulging in a cheeseburger, dipped ice cream cone, and 3 cookies from mcdonalds…after having two biscuits and meat gravy for dinner
  • Connected my post-binge self with my craving self to stop the binge
  • Meditated even though I was lazy
  • Played guitar and shopped instead of binging (even though I still did with Mcdonald’s later, I delayed it with these activities

What I’ll Work on Today:

  • Maintain mindfulness during meals. I watched my shows yesterday while eating Mcdonalds instead of being mindful
  • Maintain mindfulness throughout the whole day. I feel myself over thinking and causing my mood to be not as happy so mindfulness will help with that
  • Go to bed with a question for my subconscious. Again, I forget to do this
  • Be mindful when talking with my roommates. Sometimes I reflect them so much that I don’t know what to say because I get lost in being someone I’m not, just to fit in. I don’t have to fit in is what I need to realize

After eating Mcdonalds, I didn’t continue to snack. I finished my show at a timely time, meditated and went to bed. I slept soundly. Even though I wasn’t uncomfortably full. What that means is I probably need to eat a little snack before bed, something like cereal and stop at that. Not feel guilty or anything about it.

New rule:

  • No eating after 7:30pm except for a sleep aid snack: cereal and milk

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