Day 2 Morning Tracking


I woke up this morning without feeling guilty, even though I snacked last night. I put my sports bra on and intended to run with Chester in an effort to maintain the same activity level as I had before – running in the morning and BJJ in the evening.

I didn’t follow through though. The thought that went through my head was, ‘this isn’t sustainable’. I started thinking about the cycle that I get into, where running gets me hungry and training gets me hungrier. So I end up eating a lot. What I’m going to do is just train today, and maybe walk cheeto and chester before class.

I’ll continue to eat freely today, no undoing of yesterday’s snacking, no starting over, no off limits or forbidden foods. I will continue to take note of how I feel. Last night, after snacking, I felt kind of bleh. I do notice my energy levels declining, and I think it’s because I stopped eating super clean. I added carbs back into rotation too.

It’s about sustainable health (across changes in environment & plans), maintaining a healthy weight, and a healthy relationship with food as well as exercise. 


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