Gossip may be the death of me. This is something I hate to partake in, but sometimes I do to appease the gossiper. I use to do this a lot more, but I lately I have been making it a point not to and to question the gossiper.

Someone I’m close to went straight to HR to complain about our manager. Of course this bites us in the end. I’ve tried my best to not get involved in gossip, but I’m still involved because I’m in the chat.

Anyways, I’m feeling really confused and overwhelmed because I was dragged in to be a part of the group that complained when, really, I love what’s going on. But I feel like my hands are tied because I am very close to the person that is bringing up the drama. I feel I can’t be honest about it with my managers because who knows who they will talk to. I don’t know what to do.

What do I want them to know?

  • I want them to know that I don’t have grievances towards how they run the department
  • I want them to know much of the commotion may be caused by the fear that the creative department might not be needed, or we’d be subjected to mundane tasks
  • I want them to know that I deeply apologize for anything that they’ve heard that hurt their feelings. I despise office gossip
  • I agree that problems should be brought up in the moment instead of letting it brew and I’ll do a better job at encouraging that

I feel like writing this out makes me feel like I’m groveling and makes me feel like I’m admitting to being the shit stirrer. But I’m not. I’ve tried my best to stay neutral. I’m going to talk to Tiffany and sees what she thinks. Or maybe I’ll talk to Mo.

I hate feeling this way. And I’m actually pretty upset at this close person. I truly think it could have been handled much much better, but I wasn’t the one who suggested a change in that. I just went along with it. Lesson learned.


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