Sickly Decisions

I’m feeling under the weather. I wonder if it has anything to do with the overly ripe strawberries I ate without washing… it can’t be the vitamins I’ve been taking! No way.. I refuse to believe it…

I’m done with work and am at a stand still. I feel like I need to take the dogs to the park to let out energy, I want to get new nail polish color to do my nails for the trip, I need to buy my grandlittle a birthday gift, and I need to bath Cheeto…

Which shall I do? Perhaps I’ll get nail polish + a little gift at the nail supply store & bath Cheeto. Chester has obedience tonight so his energy can be expensed then…

So perhaps now I’ll bath Cheeto, then make my way to the nail supply store… Or should I not buy nail polish since that’s an extra expense I don’t need to make? Perhaps I’ll make a quick stop after obedience training at target and purchase a little gift…

So… final decision… I’ll bath Cheeto, go to obedience, stop by Target for a little gift, & redo my nails with old polish after obedience.

Decision made!



Decisions update

I’ve decided I’m going to dive into Front-end Development.

– I can start learning on my own now
– It’s a lucrative career
– I can work from home when needed or find a remote position
– It’s something hands on and is pretty stinking cool
– It’s a field that requires growth and knowledge. I get to use my knowledge to do something useful and valuable

– It’s really hard – focusing has been hard
– It’s really hard
– It’s really hard

I can do it.
I’ve started. I’m in week two and am mimicking Barnes and Nobles page – strictly styling.

I’ve given myself from now until April to self learn. Then I’m going to move to California mid-May to attend a web-development Bootcamp. After that, I’ll look for a front-end development job.

I can do this.
I am smart enough.