Flattery means an insincere compliment. Just like your words and your eyes, your lips and your lies. This whole time I just thought it was to praise…just like the things you’ve said that created this attachment – that I took for face value. Understanding flattery is a lesson in naivety. Just like the lessons I’m learning as I live through this heartbreak and what was, this whole time, just flattery.

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I don’t want to live carefully. What’s the point of life lived between the lines?

  • First you must ask, who drew those lines?
  • Second you must ask, why did they draw the lines?
  • Third you must ask yourself if you believe in those reasons

Make your own conclusions once you have what you think are facts laid out in front of you.

Living carefully is synonymous for living with constant fear. Instead of walking into the unknown, you keep yourself in a well lit and predictable area. No, I don’t want that numbness. I want to stare into the darkness without looking away, I want to build courage to venture into the black, I will do so until my eyes adapt to the dark and I begin to see again. Growth only grows when you put yourself in uncomfortable, ego-beating, and unpredictable situations. At least my 26 year old self thinks so tonight…

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There will be silence.


Brittle bones, and you, all alone.

Beneath the ground, there will be coldness,

as you lay inside your final throne.


Time’s now on your side, but not for long.

Don’t be afraid of dying.

Do, though, be afraid of not living.


So let the bells roar

throughout the town.

I’ll taste the pain,

can’t knock me down.

I’ll face the dark,

I’ll touch the light,

I’ll live and laugh,

I’ll learn to fight!

I am not scared.

Tear me apart.

I trust myself,

and in my heart.

And when it hurts,

I’ll feel alive.

Won’t run away,

or avert my eyes.


I’m not afraid anymore.


More time is spent in your final throne than above the ground. Embrace that terrifying, confusing, and sometimes painful chaos, for right now, you are not alone.

Word Prompt


go, Go, GO!

No time to stroll

Money’s to be made

You’re growing old!

Go back inside!

Stare at the screen

We’re little ants

Feeding the queen

run, Run, RUN!

You fell behind

Life shan’t wait

For wasting time

Forget your dreams

You’ve sold your soul

so go, Go, GO!

No time to stroll


word prompt




The Host

You’ve always been the cooler one, the detached one.
No more could I give you to make your love equal
to mine.
I’ve always known I’d leave you when realized my worth
and you’d gone off to collect girlfriends like seashells.

I’m fine.

Three years go by.

I befriended you on Facebook, you my first love
A man now adores me, he’s who I should think of
It’s not love I feel, I don’t want to be your friend
You just situated yourself in a room of mine without rent
Often I pass by your closed door on my way through
and I’ve been meaning to stop to check in on you

Now, the door’s wide open
and we stare face to face
Neither one of us leaves
neither one of us stays
Memories play

You’ve always been the cooler one, the detached one.
No more could I give you to make your love equal
to mine.

These hallways are riddled by your presence, the ghost
and I’ve learned to be kind to my patrons.

the host.

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